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Nathan on TV Show “Songs to Have Sex to”

Edith-Bowman-008Nathan just posted this to Instagram: “Took part in hilarious discussion on @edibow ‘Songs To Have Sex To’ on Sky Arts tonight 9pm. Hell did I say?? X”

Edith posted this earlier: “I had an idea about a documentary that would explore how music can affect us both physically and emotionally. I know how that feels.! But, how does it conjure up those feelings and responses. We took the subject of sex and went on a journey, along the way we spoke to people involved with a few of the specific songs that spring to mind when you think of music and sex. We also spoke to a collection of wonderful and very clever scientists to try and explain the theory behind it (some of whom, unfortunately didn’t make the final edit due to time.) You can watch it tonight on Sky Arts at 9pm. I hope you enjoy it, it was a ride making it, pardon the pun. Thank you to everyone who helped and contributed and hopefully it’s the first of many stories we can share. Xxxxx — with Sky Arts.”

Watch the show on Sky Arts HD tonight, 10:00pm. Read more about the show here.

Photo: Graeme Robertson for the Guardian

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