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Belfast Telegraph: Snow Patrol Gatecrashed Live On Stage By US Late Late Show Host James Corden

JamesCordenSnow Patrol are the most welcoming of superstar rock bands – even, it would appear, when it comes to people gatecrashing their live stage.

Bangor-born lead singer Gary Lightbody was even prepared to let the gatecrasher – none other than actor and Late Late Show host James Corden – sing along.

He unexpectedly took to the stage for a surprise duet at the star-studded Oscar Wilde party held in Los Angeles.

Stars such as actors Colin Farrell, Chris O’Dowd and Lenny Abrahamson attended the Oscar Wide Awards.

The event was held at JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot production company in Santa Monica and organised by the US-Ireland Alliance, which is heavily involved in the awards.

Actor and TV presenter James Corden had already been announced as the recipient of the Honorary Irishman award.

Go here to Belfast Telegraph’s website.

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