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U.TV: Snow Patrol Honoured At Oscar Wilde Awards

SP_Oscar Wilde LA_2016Rockers Snow Patrol have been honoured with an Oscar Wilde Award in Los Angeles.

The Northern Ireland band was chosen by members of the US-Ireland Alliance to receive the honour, which celebrates links between America and Ireland in film and television.

Frontman Gary Lightbody gave a speech at the event on Thursday on behalf of the group, telling the audience he was speaking “because these guys are far more handsome than I am, so I really need this.”

He added: “The US-Ireland alliance does sound very serious – sounds like we’re going to war… perhaps against ISIS, but hopefully against Donald Trump,” he joked, before adding: “You didn’t realise this was going to be a political rally.”

Snow Patrol also performed at the event.


Go here to read the entire article at its origin.

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