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Happy 8th Birthday to… us!

birthday-wallpaper-4This year marks TTB’s 8th Birthday.

We remember last year, where we hoped 2016 would be the year new music would be released. Obviously, that didn’t happen and we are just as curious as you guys to know what is going on. Some of you have sent us emails over the last few months and the truth is, no, we don’t know anything either. Make sure to check our category “New Album” for news.

Until we know more about the seventh album we will, as always, inform you on all other Snow Patrol related news.


So far, we posted 5,072 news posts in 390 categories, 1,365 of them are articles (our most popular category!). We have been online for more than 2,900 days in which we have had regular visits from fans from all over the world.

We are currently a team of 5, Sam and Katja from Europe, Julia & Casey from the States and Sarah from South Africa.

And as every year, with our birthday comes… snow Single_snowflake.gif Single_snowflake.gif Single_snowflake.gif

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  1. Thank you, guys and Happy Birthday!

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