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New Album: Press II

Here are some more entertainment news websites that report on the upcoming Snow Patrol release.

[…] Snow Patrol are readying a new album for 2017 after a six-year absence from music. Frontman Gary Lightbody shared an update on the band’s Instragram page, revealing that after a “breakthrough recording session” they are close to finishing the collection, with a view to release it later this year. […] Read more on

[…] Snow Patrol have confirmed that they are set to begin work on a new album soon. The album will be their first release since 2011 and front man Gary Lighbody opened up about their progress and working with producer Jacknife Lee. […] Read more on

[…] Snow Patrol are set to make their comeback to the music scene later this year. It’s been six years since they released their last album Fallen Empires, and now the Northern Irish band are ready to rock with their seventh studio album. […] Read more on

[…] Snow Patrol are officially making a comeback! The band members have been working on solo projects for the past six years, but now they have their mojo back as a collective. The Northern Irish quintet are working on a new album, and lead vocalist Gary Lightbody took to Instagram to update fans. […] Read more on

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  1. Hurray!!!! Can’t Wait! ________________________________________

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