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Liam Neeson backs same-sex marriage in NI

Liam Neeson and Graham Norton have called for the introduction of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland ahead of a planned protest in Belfast.

Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody and The Fall star Bronagh Waugh have also added their voices to the campaign.

Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland where same-sex marriage is still banned.

The issue is one of the major stumbling blocks in the ongoing negotiations to restore power-sharing at Stormont.

It has been getting a lot of media attention recently after Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, which opposes same-sex marriage, entered into a deal with UK Prime Minister Theresa May after she failed to get a majority at Westminster in the general election.


County Down-born singer Lightbody added: “Two years ago, I marched with 20,000 fellow Northern Ireland citizens for marriage equality. It was a beautiful day of hope, joy and solidarity and I was so proud to be from ‘Norn Iron’.

“Two years on and somehow – defying reason given it’s the will of the people – we still do not have marriage equality in Northern Ireland.” […]

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