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Happy 9th Birthday to us!

Good morning everyone,

we hope you are all enjoying your winter, not long now before Christmas!

Today we celebrate our 9th birthday and -as every year- we brought snow with us 🙂

Thanks everyone who visited last year and who contributed, liked, shared and ‘stayed with us’ during this rather quiet year.

We hope that the new year brings you guys new music and us a lot of work! We will definitely keep you updated on all things Snow Patrol as usual.

Since a one-off show was just announced and a new album has been in the making for quite some time, we hope to be able to share news on the new album with you all very soon.

Go here to chat about the new album and here to talk about the show.

All the best to you guys and enjoy the merry time to come…
Sam / TTB

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  1. Happy Birthday! Look forward to many more posts and news over the next year. 🎂🍾🍻

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