Snow Patrol news & community since 2008. Snow Patrol confirm the May 25 release of Wildness

It’s Gary Lightbody & Co.’s first new material in eight years…

Having teased it online earlier today – see below – Snow Patrol have confirmed the May 25 release of their seventh studio album, Wildness.

Talking this month to BBC Radio Ulster, Gary Lightbody reflected: “”The way people listen to music, view it, buy it – everything has changed, but I’m more certain than I’ve ever been in my life that this record is an incredible one.”

The writing process, he says, was tortuous.

“I had four years of writer’s block on this one, it was only six months on Fallen Empires so it seems to be getting worse. There’s a lot of depression that is attached to it as well, because you feel like: ‘Maybe the only gift I have has deserted me,’ and you’re kind of inconsolable really.

“I don’t want anyone to ever see the piles of notepads in my house that I had to write through to get to the good stuff.”

There’s no word yet of any live dates, but Gary & Co. have made no secret of wanting to play another massive Ward Park, Bangor homecoming show.

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