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BelfastTelegraph: Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody ‘helped pen’ American author’s latest novel

An American author has cited Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody as the unlikely inspiration behind her latest hit novel.

The Traitor’s Game, by Utah native Jennifer A Nielsen, grew from its writer listening to the lyrics of Run, the chart-topping song written by the Bangor rocker.

The author, who specialises in books for young adults, said she often gets her ideas from songs, and the lyrics of Run just kept turning in her head.

Since the meaning behind the song is not very clear – probably because it was written while frontman Lightbody was in a drunken haze in Glasgow 18 years ago – she started making up her own romantic story to go with the words.

“It became this idea of two people who really want to be together, but everything is pulling them apart,” she said.

“As I started asking questions about why, the outline of The Traitor’s Game began to emerge in my mind.”

Run was a top five hit for Snow Patrol in 2004, but a version of the classic song by X Factor winner Leona Lewis reached the top of the UK charts four years later.

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