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Cork (May 12th) review by Patrick Williams

Alot has happened in the 6 years since Snow Patrol graced these Isles. One thing that has not changed however is Gary Lightbody’s profound talent to write songs that do not only tug at the most sternest of heartstrings, but can bring grown men and women on an emotional roller-coaster on a Saturday night in the Sunny Rebel County.

The time is roughly 10.30pm and Lightbody has just returned to the stage alone for the encore performance. Just behind him bandmate Johnny Mcdaid. Gary promised one quite song and one lively one to finish. As the opening piano chords played from new song “What if this is all the love you ever get” a silence fell over the opera house that you could hear a pin drop. The pain and suffering of the last 7 years of making this new record could be felt in every word that flowed from Gary’s mouth. The emotion so much that his even the singer couldn’t stop his voice from cracking on the last line. It was an emotional moment in an otherwise upbeat and high tempo gig. Fan favorite Open Your Eyes was a great opener and was followed by the stomping “Chocolate” that got everyone singing at the top of their lungs.

“Empress” and “Heal me” stood out from the new songs and show that lightbody has definitely not lost his golden touch of writing a soaring chorus. Run was bellowed out by the Cork crowd so much so, that the singer could even take a break from vocals for a song. After the emotional wreck that was “What if this is all the love you ever get” what better way to raise the crowd then the brilliant “Just Say Yes” with the balcony out of their seats this is one gig they will never forget.

Selling close to 10,000 tickets in Ireland alone after a 7 year break is not to be sniffed at and shows that the bands loyal fan Base remain. Winning back old ones and new ones with their album “Wildness” is the next piece in the jigsaw, but I have the feeling that the next time we see The lads in the Rebel County won’t be in the opera house but in that little park down in Ballintemple!

Snow Patrol “Wildness” due out May 25th
Reviewed by Patrick Williams

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