Snow Patrol news & community since 2008. Gary Lightbody’s tears for his ‘hero’ dad

SNOW PATROL’S Gary Lightbody had to cut short an interview when he broke down in tears over his dad’s dementia.

The Belfast-born singer initially sounded optimistic as he said he had coped ‘100 per cent’ with his alcohol problem — but became overwhelmed while talking about his father.

‘I would always try to act like a good person but in my head I was like, “you are a f***ing a***hole”,’ the 42-year-old admitted in the US interview. ‘I have now got to a place where I am able to talk about it and it feels like a weight has lifted. I can see that I am a good person, not a waste of space.’ Then, talking about new track Soon, which details his dad’s dementia fight, the singer called him ‘a hero’ before breaking down.

EW satellite radio host Larry Flick then told listeners: ‘I have to stop here as it seems appropriate.’

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  1. Sending hugs and everything your a beautiful man be brave X

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