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Broward New Times: Lead Singer Gary Lightbody on Snow Patrol’s Return: “We Didn’t Intentionally Take Six Years Off”

Remember Snow Patrol?

For many of you, this is an “OMG, yes, I remember them and that ‘Chasing Cars’ song from Grey’s Anatomy” moment. And for the die-hard fans, it’s an “of course I remember them and have waited six long years for new music and to see their faces again live” moment.

Well, good news: Snow Patrol has a stellar album out — Wildness, which dropped in May — and the Irish-bred rockers are touring all over the USA.

For some of these dates, the quintet will open for Ginger Jesus himself, Ed Sheeran, and for others, the band will be rockin’ solo, more intimate gigs. For its South Florida show, Snow Patrol will headline the Hard Rock Event Center in Hollywood Tuesday, November 6.

“For eight to ten years there, we went album, tour, album, tour… and we just got a bit worn out by it,” lead singer Gary Lightbody says. “We didn’t intentionally take six years off, but it happened. Now we all feel fresh, unified, and the show is full of energy. If you’re a musician, the live show should be the best part of your day, and it definitely is for us now, for sure.”

You can feel that revived joy deeply ingrained in Wildness too. It’s a ten-track delight that doesn’t stray far from Snow Patrol’s long-standing brand of lyrical brilliance combined with anthemic rock.

A highlight is its latest single, “Empress,” which boasts rallying lyrics such as “So standing in the steady throne of restless hope/You don’t feel like an outcast anymore/And something deep inside of you has woken up/And you know that nothing’s gonna be the same again.

ightbody says the tune was inspired by his goddaughters, who dove into social and political happenings in their teens. He wrote the song from a perspective of imagining how he’d see the world, in a wider sense, as a teenager. “It’s about finding that joy, connectivity, peace, and understanding around you… You try for it, reach for it and want what’s best for the world.”

Speaking of wanting what’s best, Lightbody and company are superhappy for their buddy Sheeran and everything he’s become. Fun fact: Sheeran opened for Snow Patrol on its 2012 U.S. tour.

“He has every right to turn into a bit of a diva at this point,” Lightbody says. “But he is still the same person he was before and still the same person we knew when we first met him. It’s quite a triumph in this modern age where fame can be the highest currency… that somebody can remain unaffected. It’s a testament to the way he was raised, and he deserves his success more than anybody.”

Next year will mark 25 years of Snow Patrol’s existence. With such a milestone on the horizon, are they planning another long hiatus?

“No… we’re going to be around,” Lightbody laughs. “We have music in the works, and there’s not going to be a situation like that again.”

Snow Patrol. 8 p.m. Tuesday, November 6, at Hard Rock Event Center, 1 Seminole Way, Hollywood. Tickets cost $30 to $70 via

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