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Houston Chronicle: When things get bad, I listen to Snow Patrol

Let me say right up front that when I lost almost everything in Hurricane Harvey, the one song that served as my “Don’t Go off the Deep End” mantra was a song called “This Isn’t Everything You Are.”

It’s a song by my favorite band, Snow Patrol, about how we can make regret-worthy decisions and terrible things happen beyond our control. But even though that is tragic and sad, when these things happen you should know that these sorry and disappointing pivotal things do not define your whole life. Hence: This isn’t everything you are.

I played that song a lot once I got a car to replace the one that flooded, driving back and forth, getting new things that I didn’t even want to replace the old things that were never coming back. I know I didn’t cause the flood, but when only some people were hit, I kind of wondered what I did to deserve all that water rising so much higher in my house than in someone else’s. It doesn’t matter now. But when things are bad, or you have really made a mistake for the ages, you wonder.

And that is what Snow Patrol’s songs address best. After all, they have a whole album called “Fallen Empires,” and we all have those. Even if your entire empire was some small place in the Houston suburbs that could have been improved in all sorts of ways, when it is gone, it is gone. Then you have to rule some other territory. You have no choice.

So the first Friday in November, as I was promising not to get on Facebook ever again, I relapsed, and call it fate, but there was a post for an in-store concert by Snow Patrol at Cactus Music, and there was no way I was going to miss seeing this band in a small venue like that. I decided I better get there early. I am only 5 feet tall, and I know what happens to short girls at concerts: They kind of spend the whole time looking at someone’s back instead of the singer. In this case that would be Gary Lightbody, the guy who sings “Chasing Cars,” and even if you don’t know Snow Patrol, you know that song.

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