Snow Patrol news & community since 2008.’s 10th Birthday!

Hello all,

Just a quick note to share with you that today is our 10th anniversary!

Ten years and more than 5000 posts ago we made our first ever post.

We have grown into a team of five since then and are so proud of all the meet-ups, projects and wonderful memories this community has created.


Here are some interesting facts and numbers:

Our busiest year was 2012, we published more than 1300 posts in that year!  In 2017 we only published 37 posts.

Most of our website visitors come from the UK, the US, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands and Brazil. We also have visitors from Cameroon, Sint Maarten, Liechtenstein, St. Lucia, Sudan, Faroe Islands, Haiti and many many more places! Thanks for visiting you guys!

Our most – read news post of all time is the Sunday Times Magazine interview The grin reapers, read it here and see the discussion it sparked here.


Also, some of you will remember the lovely projects we worked on… Ready to take a trip down memory lane?

Remember the Open Your Eyes and Take Back The City videos? We collected video material from our community members and our Becky cut the videos for us!


Or the birthday box we sent Gary to Provinssi Rock? It was full of candy, cards, letters, books, art and so much more… We collected gifts via mail for two months and after just a couple of weeks I ran out of stories to tell my postman who was beginning to ask some concerning questions… Along with all the gifts for Gary’s birthday most people also send the sweetest notes thanking us and sharing what the community meant to them. Below we have some photos of the box full of gifts, as well as Gary receiving it.



Many of you also contributed to the TTB book we gave the guys as a gift in London after their Reworked show at the Royal Albert Hall. It was full of messages, drawings, photos all kinds of lovely things. People sent in photos, art and well-wishes. It was handed to the guys by Bradley Quinn. This book was put together with the help of Petra, thanks so so much dear.



We also have sent Christmas cards to each other for quite some time. Remember receiving all those?



Or when TTBers gave Gary some of his favourite tea?



Or when you all were VERY vocal about wanting to hear the extended ‘Chasing Cars’ version?




And when queueing in the freezing cold became so much more fun thanks to… PIZZA!



Back when… The guys had to sign cars and trousers…



And when ‘the wolf hat’ became a thing?


Or that time Snow Patrol published a fan-sourced video for ‘Fallen Empires’. The video was the result of ‘Make The Final Cut’, where SP fans from around the globe uploaded their own videos for inclusion in the project. Many of you are in that video! The TTB contribution starts at 03:41.


And when Becky made these really cool signs!


Also, we swapped mixtapes, met up in our chat during live streams,  made notecards, calenders and talked about books in our book club! Most of this took place in our TTB forums which have been around for eight years!

TTB forums were set up in early 2010 and our community consists of people from all over the world. If you visit our website regularly, we advise you to register as there is plenty of content up there too. 



Also… we LOVE all the friendships that have formed over the years and the treasured memories you all have made… Click through the gallery below to see some special or funny moments. Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us over the years!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And finally… I would love to say a huge thanks to you all. My lovely fellow team members Julia, Sarah, Casey & Katja for their help in keeping this machine going! Also Avanti, thanks so much for all you did dear. Thanks also to the website visitors and community members both ‘old’ and new, you make this community so special.

And thanks to Snow Patrol, it’s all because of you. Sam ❄️

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7 Responses »

  1. I had forgotten about those first two TTB vidoes – what wonderful memories!! Thanks for the retrospective.

  2. Lovely! Thanks for the memories. Congratulations!

  3. Oh my! What lovely memories. I remember the box, I sent a book. Never saw the photo of him opening it. What a treat!

    I read your site everyday so THANX so so much. Best way to stay up to date on SP x

  4. Greetings from Paris! Thanks for the last ten years, my best SP source!

  5. Helloooo there. Congrats on TEN years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an achievement putting ten years of work into this band, YOU ALL ROCK. Greetings from Phoenix! Ron

  6. WOHOO Happiest of Birthdays TTB! Thanks for it all. I have been visiting since 2010 and love all the news in one place 🙂 I put a letter in the box and also in the book- thanks for organizing it all. LOVE the pic of gary opening up the box. Love that he really got it! KEEP UP the good work.

  7. Thank you for everything.
    I really made some new friends over here.

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