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Wildness stories – update

Hello all, I have spend some time Sunday morning working on the anniversary book.

Here are two things that are very important that mean some of you will have to send their pages again:

Every one of you gets one page. Please keep your text short enough to fit on one page. If you sent in a couple of pages of text we will not be able to include it. Please send in a shorter version of your page soon.

If you send in a rather long text, please bear in mind that the general idea behing this is to congratulate the band on their achivements and yes, of course can you share personal stories about what the music means to you. However, please don’t send your entire biography and try to ‘keep it light’.

Thanks all!

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  1. Was reintroduced to Snow Patrol last year when I heard Called Out in the Dark on the radio. Researched their entire music catalog, bought Wildness, and watched everything I could with them on Youtube and voilla! I was hooked. I have based 3 vacations this past year on their concert locations in the U.S. (Portland, Hollywood, and Austin) and I saw them locally with Ed in Tampa. I saw them on the street outside our hotel in Portland and spoke to them briefly. They were beyond humble. My biggest regret is that I didnt get a picture of me with them. I love these guys and their music has touched me tremendously. It is straight from the heart and when Gary sings his songs, something magical happens. You not only hear the song, you feel it. I mean you really feel it. That is a special gift. If I were to win the lotto, I would travel to every one of their shows. It is a natural high to attend their live performances. I have been a music fan my entire life, but have never had music affect me like the music Gary has written and performs. To say that I am a fan and appreciate Snow Patrol is an understatement. Wishing them another 25 years if they choose to write and perform that long. Safe travels and much love to Gary and the boys.

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