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The Argus: REVIEW: Snow Patrol are up there with the best of them

SNOW Patrol are a bit like Marmite… you either love them or hate them. But before a capacity crowd at the Brighton Centre you could certainly feel the love.

“I love you Gary” one overly enthusiastic member of the audience shouted just as lead singer Gary Lightbody was starting to sing midway through the gig.

It prompted him to break off from the song and crack up with laughter. It proved in that instant that Snow Patrol are true professionals and undoubtedly one of the most engaging bands out there.

They have a wonderful back catalogue, so much so that it is easy to forget how many great songs they have in their arsenal.

Acoustic guitars were much to the fore which made for an intimate setting, many of the songs benefiting from the stripped-down approach.

This was most evident when they played their biggest hit, Chasing Cars, the most played song on radio of the 21st century.

By that stage the crowd were on their feet, singing along, and were you still allowed to wave cigarette lighters in the air then no doubt they would have been in abundance.

Instead we had to make to with iPhones.

Lightbody is an engaging frontman who clearly relishes banter with the audience. His vocals were also impeccable throughout and the band were at the absolute top of their game. The highlight of the show was undoubtedly one of their biggest hits, Run. Lightbody, in full rock star mode, urged the crowd to get up and sing along. It was impossible to resist because it is a great song… simple as that. Reimagining songs can be a risky business but for Snow Patrol it worked a treat.

By ditching the bombast Lightbody’s lyrics took on even greater resonance while the superb playing of the rest of the band was given full rein to blossom in beautifully understated fashion.

The highlight of the entire show was undoubtedly the acoustic rendering of one of their most touching songs, Set The Fire To The Third Bar. It was spellbinding with band and audience in perfect harmony.

What a gig and what a band, still at the peak of their considerable powers.

Source: The Argus

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