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Richard Colburn Talks Snow Patrol And Tired Pony In Cambridge News

May 3, 2015

In an interview with Cambridge News conducted by Ella Walker, Richard Colburn briefly mentioned his time with Snow Patrol. You can read the segment below and find the full interview at the link below. When he’s not thwacking drums for Belle and Sebastian, Richard’s doing it with the likes of Snow Patrol front man Gary… Read More ›

Huffington Post: Tired Pony Exclusive Interview From Bushmills Live (Video)

Huffington Post has shared an interview with Tired Pony that the band gave on occasion of their live performance at the Bushmills Live festival back in June. Watch Richard, Peter, Gary and Iain talk about everything around Tired Pony, Snow Patrol and R.E.M.  right below. Enjoy! Gary Lightbody And Peter Buck On Future Of Tired Pony (Video)

Band discuss shunning the ‘supergroup’ title in favour of ‘side project’ The term “supergroup” is one that gets thrown about far too often and to Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol fame, it comes with connotations of clashing egos. That is the very antithesis of Tired Pony however, a group composed of himself, R.E.M.’s Peter Buck,… Read More › Tired Pony Take ‘Stripped Down’ To A New Level

Tired Pony’s recent gig at Bushmills Live 2014 was meant to be a focussed, ‘stripped down’ affair. It wasn’t. Despite having only ever played ‘like 5 shows and 4 TV shows’ and not having ‘had the same line up at any of them’, Tired Pony have honed their own take on ‘stripped down’ sets. Gary… Read More › Tired Pony Interview

We chat to Gary Lightbody and Peter Buck from supergroup Tired Pony at Bushmills Live, in a caravan simlar to one that Gary remembers holidaying in with his Dad… You’ve been a band for 5 years; I can’t believe it’s been that long already. G: Technically we started January 2010, in the studio. But we… Read More › Tired Pony Interview

Walking into a surreal conversation about American spy channels and the Illuminati, Contact Music spoke to Gary Lightbody and Peter Buck of Tired Pony before their afternoon set at Bushmills Live. What did we learn? Expect a third Tired Pony album, juggling and close up hand magic at their shows, and a “big” Snow Patrol… Read More ›

Bushmills Live 2014: Tired Pony Photos By avalard

Photographer Robert J.E. Simpson posted some photos of the Tired Pony gig at Bushmills Live 2014. Visit his flickr website here to view the whole gallery. Thanks so much Robert for those pictures! Bushmills Live 2014 Photos

Zimbio upoaded some pictures from Bushmills Live 2014. They were taken by Carrie Davenport/Getty Images Europe. Go here to see the photos.