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Wildness rss Snow Patrol are back after a seven year break

Frontman Gary Lightbody opens up about quitting drinking, touring with Ed Sheehan, and that song that changed their career.

Gary Lightbody at Live at Five

Gary was a guest on Live at Five.  

Gary Lightbody at Sunday Brunch

Gary was a guest on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch.  

San Francisco Chronicle: Pop Quiz: Gary Lightbody on why Snow Patrol had to hit reset

Snow Patrol crashed and burned following the release of its last album, 2011’s “Fallen Empires.” Struggling with depression, writer’s block and a dependency on alcohol, frontman Gary Lightbody moved to Los Angeles to sort out his head and co-write with Taylor Swift, One Direction and Ed Sheeran. But with its new release, “Wildness,” the band… Read More ›

YorkShire Post: Gary Lightbody opens up on alcohol and depression battles as Snow Patrol prepare for Leeds gig

As Snow Patrol prepare to go on a UK tour that will visit Leeds, singer Gary Lightbody speaks to Laura Harding about his battle with mental health and decision to give up alcohol. Gary Lightbody is at home with his parents for the weekend and feeling like a kid again. It’s a place of refuge… Read More › Gary Lightbody on finding clarity after seven years away

“The song played and took over every molecule in the room…it became everything in that moment and we played it ten times.” That’s how Garry Lightbody feels about Nick Cave’s Jesus Alone – and it’s impacted Snow Patrol’s latest album. He joins Myf Warhurst to talk about his relationship with alcohol, the impact of his father’s dementia… Read More ›

WDR 2 Radio interview

Gary visited German radio station WDR 2 and gave an interview. The German translation makes it a bit hard to hear what he’s saying but you can still give it a listen here. Thanks Kathrin!

BBC The Quay Sessions (update)

Watch Snow Patrol play an acoustic version of ‘Empress’ live at BBC in Glasgow. Update: more videos have been added to YoTube