Snow Patrol news & community since 2008.


1. Is this an official site?
We are in no way affiliated with Snow Patrol, Universal Music, Interscope, Polydor or any of its representation. More on that here.

2. How long has TTB been online?
TTB has been online for nine years, TTB forums started in April 2010.

3. What social platforms is TTB on? Twitter? Tumblr?
We have a facebook page at which we use for fun things such as our ‘photo of the week’ posts. We are also on twitter at @thethirdbarcom as it’s the easiest way to share news ‘on the go’. That way our readers can easily stay up to date via their phones.

4. What are ‘categories’?
Our categories help us to keep our news archives organized. Our categories are like drawers. There would be a drawer for interviews, one for reviews, one for videos etc. Just click the category drop down on the main home site and select a category to see all news from that category.

Over the years we have created over three hundred categories.

5. Can I submit my photos even if they’re not from a recent show?
Yes, of course. Every submission is deeply appreciated. Just get in touch with us.

6. I am looking for an interview…
There are various ways of finding something on TTB. If you remember the name of the interview, the headline, a quote from it or the source, just type that into our search engine in the navigation bar.

Alternatively, you can select the month you believe the interview was published in by navigating to News > archives and select a specific month.

If all else fails you can always hit the ‘interviews’ category and search for it manually (In this case you should grab a cuppa tea though…).

7. How do I sign up for the chat? When’s the next chat?
To join our chat simply register with chatango. Please use your forums name so it’s easier for us to recognize you. Once you are signed up, just go here to join us. Next chat sessions are always announced in the chat section on TTB and also on twitter & facebook.

8. Can I share TTB content?
Yes, quite easily so. Underneath every news post there are sharing options for facebook, twitter, tumblr and pinterest. You can also print or email it: