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TTB Projects

Any keen readers out there? We’ve set up a Book Club over on the forum, and have pulled together a list of books, with a plan to review one every month starting in November.   [More]

Aloha (hobby-) photographers. Please feel free to join our photo club. We have a flickr group to which you can add your photographs. Also, on the forums, there are many threads full of pretty photographs! Simply say ‘Hi’ there and get started! [More]

One of the things all of us on the TTB website have in common is our love for music. Snow Patrol of course, but also many many other bands. And this love is something we like to share. That’s why three or four times a year we organize a so-called CD swap. [More]

After the success of the TTB calendar, a new photography project has been launched. This time we are creating a set of 7 note cards, each with a different image. The scope of this project is slightly wider than the calendar and will include other forms of art. [More]

The TTB calendar is a project many of us worked on this year. We all submitted photos for each month and the voted for our favourite one. The final product can be seen here. People are just getting their calendars these days but we already got mails about the next one, a calendar for 2013.  [More]

Seeing how our ‘music’ section on the forums is filling up more and more with all of our community members sharing the music they love, we thought I’d be great to give our members the chance to share their music discoveries here on the website too. [More]