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The TTB calendar is a project many of us worked on this year. We all submitted photos for each month and then voted for our favourite one. The final product can be seen here.

People are just getting their calendars these days but we already got mails about the next one, a calendar for 2013. Now, this time around we will organize it as Silke said she is not going to do it again (Thanks so much for doing it the first time!).

This is how it will happen…

1. We will have a motto/theme for every month.
2. You can submit a photo early every month as we will have them up for a poll on the 5th of every month.
3. The poll will close approx. 2 weeks later.
4. Around October, things will speed up as we want you all to have the calendars for Christmas but we will keep you updated regarding deadlines.

Actual work on this will start shortly after Christmas.

Here are the themes:

January – Home
February – Flora
March – Music
April – Travel
May – Love
June – Water
July – Colour
August – Animals
September – Landscape
October – Happiness
November – Art
December – Christmas

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