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CD Swap

One of the things all of us on the TTB website have in common is our love for music. Snow Patrol of course, but also many many other bands. And this love is something we like to share.

That’s why three or four times a year we organise a so-called CD swap. The concept is very simple: you sign up and are paired with another boardie. You then make a CD for each other with some of the excellent music you know and you can’t wait to share. You send each other the CDs et voilà, we have a CD swap. In this way you not only get to spread the love for your bands, but you’re also introduced to same great new music. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

There is one little twist: all the songs in your selection should be inspired by a theme, usually a Snow Patrol song title. Of course there’s no right or wrong interpretation of the theme. Anything is good as long as it’s somehow connected to the song title. And you know: “if it looks like it works and it feel like it works, then it works”! In the past we’ve had themes like Black And Blue, Chocolate and New York. Interpretations of for example Chocolate included the process of seed of a cacao tree to eating the chocolate, time, moments when you wish you had chocolate, songs important at the age of 25, and cheating. So as you can see, you can go any way you want with your song selection.

Do you like the sound of our CD swap? Then don’t forget to sign up when the next round is announced! Are you still a bit confused about the whole concept, have a look at some of the old threads. We’re looking forward to hearing some of the songs you love!