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WILDNESS stories… preview

April 16, 2019 • WILDNESS stories

Aloha TTBers… Here’s a small preview of some pages just to give you an idea :) There are way too many pages to show ’em all. We will keep you up to date on the book and will let you know as soon as its back from the printers.

Wildness tour Europe '18 / '19 »

IQ Mag: Show Patrol: Inside Snow Patrol’s live comeback


On Snow Patrol’s 25th anniversary, IQ follows the band’s triumphant return to the road as they traverse Europe and take on the Americas Back in October 2012, when Snow Patrol were nearing the end of their hugely successful year-long Fallen Empires tour, their manager Peter Mensch flew out to see them play in Santiago, Chile, and… Read More ›

Wildness tour US '18 / '19 » Snow Patrol – 25 Years On The Road to air April 24


BBC Northern Ireland join Snow Patrol on the road during a series of American tour dates for an access-all-areas documentary, delving into the world of the illustrious rock ensemble. Gary, Nathan and Johnny have been making music together since their formation in Dundee in the early ‘90s. Throughout the quarter of a century they have… Read More ›

Wildness reviews » Snow Patrol’s ‘Wildness’ is worth the seven year wait


For a time, Snow Patrol was the best part of a fairly stagnant period of rock music. It was out of the post-grunge Britpop phase of the late ’90s that the clean, simple guitar rock of the 2000s emerged, spearheaded by Coldplay’s “Yellow” and the Fray’s “How To Save A Life.” There wasn’t much to… Read More ›